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About Us


Luxury Sales Empire is a company positioned to provide you with the full range of marketing, Sales and training solutions you require. We have the ability to be your eyes and ears for potential advertisement opportunities. We have the ability to drive your sales forward ensuring that you not only get the results you want, but that you exceed them. As a business, you have to keep your losses low and your gains high. At Luxury Sales Empire, we can help keep your gains high by providing an experienced sales and marketing team dedicated to building and executing an efficient marketing strategy tailor made for your company.

At luxury sales empire our big promise and grand commitment is to do the work for our clients, to make their brands shine and flourish in a highly competitive market place

increase sales figures 0%
Increase Brand awareness 0%
Merchandising excellence 0%
sales training0%
staffing & Recruitment0%
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Ghazwan halbouny

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Swensson

Creative Director

Bryan Johnson

General Manager

Marianne Smith

HR Manager

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work