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According to Pareto or the 80/20 rule, 80% of the sales is done by 20% of the sales force, However, the converse of that is true, which is 80% of the sales force do only 20% of the Sales.
Our job at Luxury Sales Empire is to choose and take every sales person who represents our clients to the top 20% by providing them with the tools to do so.

In order to achieve that We offer a client tailored approach towards staffing, sales training,coaching and consultation services.

Our strategy towards strengthening our sales results is based around behavioral science and we deliver this practical, focuses concept strategies to better your business needs.Our strategies drive sales through proven scientific techniques.

Our strategies drive sales through proven scientific techniques.

  • Tap into “buying decision” signals released by the brain.
  • Conduct sales training based on behavioral science.
  • Coaching on sales and body language.
  • Influence science and Sales.

LSE Sales Training

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